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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tainted Rice Found in China

Be careful of what you eat. These rice from China Guangdong contains Cadmium which is the metal Cd found in rechargeable batteries. Definitely not good for the body yo.

Hi, I am back with some rantings

I really wonder sometimes, why do our g focus so much on development , pushing the people so hard for productivity that they do not let the people enjoy life ? Who are we working for ? ourselves ? YES we are working for ourselves for a better life but in return, many work till 60+ 65+ and so on and still you can find people in this "developed" country collecting recycled materials from dustbins, sleeping at void decks etc.

Rising food cost, rising housing cost, influx of immigrants, aging population and inflation. Is money really more important than happiness ? Can't we have a balance for that ? Yes it is hard to be a millionaire g but it is even harder to be a citizen with few K in their bank. Yes we should be fortunate , don't compare to the third world country blah blah , should be content with our state. Humans are always human , never be content with their current state , just like our g.

From young I have read from my textbook , sustainable development , from back in the 90s to millennium till now 2013, I do not see anything sustainable by asking my mother to learn computer in return for this voucher thingy. Can our g give the people a break ? I haven't start the rat race and I don't even want to race. I have so many friends out there fighting, pathetic I would say. I feel even more pathetic as I am studying to go out there to compete for employment. I am even struggling in this society where degree is a norm. I am 25 this year, struggling to graduate , will take another 1.5 years if nothing goes wrong. I know not everyone is cut for a degree but are we not encouraged to try ? If we do not try , how do we know right ? We are humans, not machines, you think the brain is a computer where you can change its processor and ram every few years ? Even evolution of the brain will take what ? thousand to millions of year ?

The only future I can see is eat-sleep-work-die , that's all. I guess I am one of the person who contributed to the study that says that Singaporean as one of the most negative people LOL. This kind of life sound so meaningless.

Is financial independence achievable before 30 ? If we are lucky enough to get financial Independence by 60 , we would still be lucky enough to enjoy that money by then.

I want to settle down by the age of 30 when my partner is 29 and still not risky for a baby.

Who can save our Gaia and us who are stuck in this cycle and worst , those who do not even have chance to be in this cycle =(

Taiwan nuclear protest !!

Why do we race for more energy ? Should not we control and look for safer and alternative energy source?

Oklahoma Tornado

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Disappearing Orangutans?

Used to see them in the zoo , wonder will my son/daughter see them in the near future ..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thailand Flood